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Dolphin Boat Ecotour

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Private Group (1 to 4 people)
Private Additional Adults (no charge for children) No additionMax of 12 passengers Adults+Children
Public Tour Per Adult, ages 18+
Public Tour Per Child

Every visit with the dolphins is different. Experience first-hand the feeding and socializing behaviors they display while we observe from a distance.

Bottlenose dolphins are a favorite on this tour, but there’s so much more. Set out on an adventure with us to learn about the salt marsh habitat and look for the wild dolphin pods that we have been observing for more than 20 years! Seeing them in the wild and learning about their amazing life-history is an experience you won’t forget. Keep in mind that dolphins are wild animals and we can’t guarantee their presence. However, we feel a trip on the water in the ACE Basin is always a worthy way to spend time, whether the dolphins join us or not. You will enjoy seeing a variety of bird species and learning about the salt marsh. If you have a specific interest- (sea turtles, birds)- just ask your captain.


1 Hour


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