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The pilot “Where I’m From” explores Edisto Island’s culture as experienced by a young person from West Virginia. Included is Sarah Burnell, Jay’vonta Burnell and Dayjenay Green.

Sarah Burnell interview about her tour “Growing Up Gullah.” (Sarah passed away in 2020, but she left her mark on the many friends she met along the way.)

Explore Edisto and Botany Bay Ecotours: Harriet Tubman’s Raid on the Combahee River

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“The Founder Of Botany Bay Ecotours Educates Locals And Visitors About Edisto’s Natural And Cultural Resources” Charleston Magazine June 2022

Follow the route and story of Harriet Tubman’s Combahee Ferry Raid with the Uncivil podcasters and Botany Bay Ecotours! Click the “Uncivil” logo below to connect to the podcast.

Ecotours and education

Molly Moore, her husband, Joe, and their four young kids have been traveling in their 2019 30’ Airstream since July 2020, attempting to let go, spend time in wild places, and instill a strong foundation of Leaving No Trace, while picking up the trail of their Legos left at campsites across the entire country. She tells her family’s story at The Moore Air, which recounts their adventures and discoveries from remote parks to big cities, all while growing up and slowing down in tight quarters…together. Click the button below to read the article!

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