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Sea Island Cooking Lesson with Marvelous Meals by Marvetta

Private Group • Up to 50 people total!

Group Includes 4 people
Additional Adult Ages 17+
Additional Child Ages 6 - 16

We've partnered with Marvetta Hutchinson of Marvelous Meals by Marvetta to provide a relaxed experience to learn about life on a Sea Island through food. Marvetta brings her love of people and love of cooking into your home for a one-of-a-kind cultural exchange.

Marvetta Hutchinson grew up with one of the best cooks on the island teaching her about Sea Island cooking techniques and ingredients. Shows like Netlifx’s ‘High on the Hog’ or the Food Network’s ‘The Delicious Miss Brown’ highlight the importance of Sea Island cooking in the food ways of the African diaspora.

Choose from fish, chicken, lowcountry boil (local shrimp and crab cooked with corn, potatoes and sausage), or a vegetarian main dish and then choose a rice dish: red or brown rice. A  seasonal vegetable and macaroni and cheese come as sides.

All proceeds from this program go to Marvetta Hutchinson. Botany Bay Ecotours acts as a small business incubator/platform for people who want to create a business sharing the culture and history of Edisto Island.


3 hours